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During this period, warfare over titled positions on the islands of Western Samoa influenced events on Tutuila.Tutuila was at times under the jurisdiction of the eastern districts of 'Upolu, and Tutuilans may have been required by chiefs on 'Upolu to fight in their wars.Domesticated plants were transported for cultivation. This period is represented in American Samoa by deeply stratified archaeological sites such as To'aga on Ofu (Kirch & Hunt eds.1993) and 'Aoa on Tutuila (Clark & Michlovic 1996).These boulders are found in archaeological sites (such as Maloata and Tulauta), in streams, and elsewhere on the island landscape.

When not at war in later prehistory Samoans lived in villages; in American Samoa these were mostly in coastal areas. In some cases the remains are still visible on the surface while in other places the evidence of prehistoric use is all below the ground surface.One of the large quarries, Tatagamatau, is listed on the National Register and two others are being nominated.Basalt from Tutuila has been found in Taumako, Tokelau, Fiji, Western Samoa, the Manu'a Islands (Best The quarries continued to be utilized into the early historic period, when iron tools introduced by Europeans began to replace the locally made stone tools.The first recorded European contact occurred in 1722, when Dutch navigator Jacob Roggeveen sighted several of the islands.He was followed by French explorers Louis-Antoine de Bougainville in 1768 and Jean-FranÁois de La PÈrouse in 1787.

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Quarries continued to be used during this time period.