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Nonetheless, he is a good man and I have a reputation to uphold, so discretion is a must.

My friends say this online dating thing is the best way to meet single men, but I am suspicious and need to investigate for myself. My life and career are pretty complicated, so I demand a lot of unconditional support, even when my behavior seems erratic.

Some say my estate, Thornfield Hall, is haunted, but I assure you: Those sounds coming from the attic are only the wind.

I’m also fond of wild gallops on the moor and brooding.

Emily Grierson, “A Rose for Emily” I am a thirtysomething Southern belle who, upon the death of my beloved father, am finally free from family obligations and ready to pursue a love match.

Although I enjoyed a genteel upbringing, I am not averse to consorting with a man from a different background than my own, as long as he is kind, honest, and skilled with his hands.

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I’m fearless and constantly on the go, so if you’re hunting for a homebody, keep walking.

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