Rupert friend who is he dating

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Rupert friend who is he dating

Friend, for his part, played into Carrie’s craziness by being the reliable rock: Showrunner Alex Gansa deserves credit for all the times Quinn called Carrie out on her bullshit, from her risky plans with Brody to ordering a drone strike on Saul in Season 4.

But Friend showcased a restraint that I greatly appreciated: He knew someone had to ground the scenes where Carrie goes off the rails, and so often that person was Quinn.

Quinn’s arc, now complete, is a massive undertaking even before including the physical transformation demanded in the final season.

First, we had to believe in Quinn as a lovelorn supporting character who needed to be somewhat overwhelmed, but not totally pushed aside, by the mondo passion and bonkers drama inherent in the Carrie/Brody romance.

His life was built through the CIA and framed by early tragedy.He lurked in Carrie’s basement, a living reminder of her shame who still — even after she told him what she’d done — kept working to protect her.Carrie would have never uncovered the conspiracy without Quinn, but he was the crazy one all of a sudden, throwing a reporter down the front steps and taking Carrie’s daughter hostage.It’s quite a journey, especially when you remember Quinn was a minor character at the start of all this.READ MORE: ‘Homeland’ Showrunner and Cast Discuss Picking a Fight with Alex Jones, Plans for Season 7 at Emmys FYC Event And here’s where Friend’s triumph is magnified.

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Quinn spent much of his time on “Homeland” ignoring his own well-being in order to protect Carrie’s, dating all the way back to when he refused to kill Brody because Quinn knew doing so would hurt her.

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