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Conversely, when we see someone we really like, our eyebrows will arch defying gravity, our facial muscles will relax, and our arms become more pliable (even extended) so we can welcome this person.

In the presence of someone we love, we will mirror their behavior (), tilt our heads, and blood will flow to our lips making them full, even as our pupils dilate.

This behavior alone may portend serious problems in the relationship that on the surface may not be so obvious ().

If not for this, a room might be dangerously hot - not just warm and a swim in a lake might turn into hypothermia.A blind child will cover his eyes when he hears something he doesn't like in the same way my neighbor does whenever I ask him to help me move heavy objects. Whether in business, at home, or in relationships, we can always be assured that true sentiments will be reflected in our body language through displays of comfort and discomfort.This binary system of communicating how we feel has stood the test of time and survived to help us through its elegant simplicity.The limbic brain likes to classify the world in black and white terms; there is no gray area. You may intellectually know a particular snake is harmless but you react on an emotional and physiological manner as though it is deadly.The trouble is that we all do this based on a superficial basis based on things like a person's race.

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You can find more on Joe at a free nonverbal communications bibliography or follow him on twitter: @navarrotells. It's also worth noting a couple of its dangers: (1) Unconscious Bias: Due to the need to make quick life or death decisions the limbic system engages in stereotypical and binary thinking.

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