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For the first time, a nice long sequence of high-quality random numbers was made available to anyone who needed it: scientists, researchers, mathematicians. But Turing’s random number instruction was maddening for programmers at the time because it created too much uncertainty in an environment that was already so unpredictable.

Each set of two videos I’ve provided below follow a theme, making it a little more enytertaining. First up are two clips from Oceans East, home of the famous “Jerky Girls”, […]There’s not going to be a fancy introduction for all of these amateur CFNM videos, so I’ll just jump right into it.To quell fears about the fairness and accuracy of ERNIE, the Post Office made a great documentary called In 1951, randomness was finally formalized into a real computer, the Ferranti Mark 1, which shipped with a built-in random number instruction that could generate 20 random bits at a time using electrical noise. Christopher Strachey put it to good use by coding up an aleatory love note generator. MY HEART SEDUCTIVELY WISHES YOUR BREATHLESS LONGING. The idea of a pseudorandom number generator (PRNG) provided a possible path forward.Here’s an sample love note, from David Link’s 2009 resurrection of the program: JEWEL LOVE MY LIKING HUNGERS FOR YOUR ADORABLE INFATUATION. A PRNG is a random number generator expressed as a deterministic math function.A New York Times report described the story of Justin Berry, a 13-year-old boy who, after hooking up his webcam and listing himself on an online forum in order to make friends, was propositioned by older men to strip and masturbate on camera.CNN referred to him as "in the language of cyberspace... He started his own paysite, prostituted himself, sold video recordings of his encounters with Mexican prostitutes, and helped hire other underage models.

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