Rabbi zecharia wallerstein dating and marriage

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Rabbi Shmuel Kamenetsky now says it is "assur" to vote for David Weprin because of his gay marriage vote. I really do not see what the Jerry Springer show has to do with anything. Bob is not saying we should accept the show and that its perfectly OK for everyone - hes also not frum - Just a few months ago, Aguda honored Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver, who has been voting for the gay marriage bill for several years.Meanwhile, Aguda disappeared during the gay marriage debate. For those of you Yidden without a TV, here is what Wikipedia says about the Jerry Springer Show: The Jerry Springer Show is ostensibly a talk show where troubled or dysfunctional families come to discuss their problems before a studio audience so that the audience or host can offer suggestions on what can be done to resolve their situations.“I called my Rebbi, in Israel, Rabbi Gamliel Rabinovich, who told me to make a machaa, a public statement saying that I am completely against this.Now that this election is here, it is my chance to make my machaa against the gay marriage bill.” Rabbi Wallerstein conjectured that perhaps it is that lack of shemira that caused the recent fatalities within the Jewish community during Hurricane Irene.A loval Rov (Daas Torah) explained in his weekly drasha that bmakom chilul hashem there is no mitzva of hakoras hatov.Very similar to what Rabbi Wallerstien said this is clearly a chilul hashem and we must take a stand.

The show also bragged to be "an hour of your life you'll never get back".it is a school curriculum issueit is an employment issueit is an income tax issueit is an entertainment issueit is a moral equivilence issue Just to mention a few.If you really believe that prohibiting gay marriage will increase employment opportunities in New York and have a significant effect on the taxes we pay, maybe Turner can get you on the Jerry Springer show with those other dysfunctional clowns who spread such nonsense.The Jerry Springer Show has received widespread criticism and caused many controversies for a variety of reasons including its elements of prurience, explicit language and the exploitation of the vulnerable.[3] Actually your prett narrow minded yourself.This is not simply a "bedroom issue", as you so eloquently call it.

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