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Punk goth dating

So you become a niche in Punk sense, a Nietsche dater.heheh Yes, I know. in other words, instead of you developing your own image and identity, instead of being somebody unique and interesting in your own right, instead of learning to be the most engaging "you" that you can be....

Punk folks have a heart and soul and need love too. In life we must balance our individuality with datability. If we wish to be too individual..should accept the singleness that may come with it. you took the cheap way out and have chosen to become this cliched image that you adopted. that makes you the regimented, predefined, stereotypical freak that people have accused you of being.

I'm honest, bluntly so, but that's the Yorkshire blood. I can come across as reserved and stand offish but come out of my shell when I get to know people.

I'm looking for someone who loves similar music to me to go to...

are you as fair-minded as you want others to be, op?

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However, if they weren't able to shelve the persona when needed then what would be the point of pursuing a relationship? Which is what "take me as I am or walk away" really means.

The more off you are from the norm,the less your appeal and less dating options you have...except to those ladies just like you. the alt rocker punk goth dressed-in-black-leather-and-rivets thing you've got going on or whatever the hell it is that you call it.

I live a completely different life than my peers, yet can fit directly into "their" society and be very successful. But remember a lot of those folks start with a big chip on their shoulder(oh and a bone through their nose). You aren't really yourself, you've simply adopted what those before you have worked to associate with that image.

From what I've seen the whole punk, rocker, metal, goth, cowboy, tattooed, piercing, "I'm alternative and different," is simply insecure people wanting attention, adopting a fashion or persona, usually by purchasing it, in order to make it easier to hide who they really are because they are scared of it. So the reality is "give me attention and validate this lie, or go away, either way I get attention and reinforcement." Or IOW "it doesn't matter what you do, you've served my purpose, it's all about me." not much that can be done about this.

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Hopefully you will all have fun meeting singles and try out this online dating thing...

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  1. RD: How long have you been using online dating websites? Most importantly is that she likes doing similar things that I do. Maybe they don’t like my pictures, or maybe I’m not being as nice as I feel I am in my messages.

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