Professional speed dating events london

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With so many different types of people living in and around London, it’s extremely likely that you will meet that perfect someone at one of our events.

Slow Dating is dedicated to helping you find that perfect someone with speed dating in London.

In July we have an extremely special lunch with in July – absolutely the hottest ticket in town!

You also get a chance to chat with other singles you wouldn’t normally on a day to day basis.

Speed dating in London allows everyone the chance to meet and flirt with at least 10 people around their age, who are all in the same boat, wanting to meet that special someone.

They will date each person for four minutes, giving you the opportunity to decide if you want to see that person again.

Embrace the opportunities that speed dating in London affords.

Other events local to London are as follows; Speed Dating Guildford / Speed Dating Oxford / Speed Dating Reading.

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