Porsha dating again

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Porsha dating again

“He was the love of my life.” “Everyone knows I’m a hopeless romantic, but for now, we’re just going along with things,” she says, adding that she and Todd are “still figuring out“ what they want to do about having kids.

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on a quest to become a mother, even trying last season to get her now ex-boyfriend Todd Stewart to sign a “baby prenup,” ensuring he would hold up his end of the bargain should they have a child together and things not work out for them romantically.

"It was more about the attention that I brought to the company." He then reported that his place of employment made him choose between his job and her — and he chose her. "Child, if people lost their jobs for wanting to enjoy a girl, nobody would have jobs." This might have been the smartest thing Porsha has ever said. Despite her clear annoyance with him, she admitted that she did.Once I realized it doesn’t have to be one way, then it gave me a little more time,” she continues.“So I’m not obsessing over it anymore.” That’s not the only change fans can expect to see from Williams this season.“Every time I’m around my niece, she gives me baby fever. You have it, and then you get well again,” Williams tells PEOPLE. I’m not going to have a baby until I’ve found that right guy.And I’m sure once I find him, that’ll be one of the first things we do.” “For me, I’ve thought of a lot of creative ways I can make that happen without a man.

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She then asked Phaedra if she would be offended if she checked into a nearby hotel.