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The most visible difference between the sexes is muscle mass, whereby a modern woman is only 60% as strong as a man, since stronger men were more likely to ensure individual and group survival.

These desires are undergoing regular change, meaning that game is a constantly shifting set of outward rules and practices while the inward game beliefs governing those practices remain mostly static, based on known biological truths that stem from animal reproductive science and studies based on female human sexual behavior.Its primary goal is to give men a set of tools and beliefs that allow him to more easily enter sexual relationships with the women he desires.In modern Western societies, a man who doesn’t at least subconsciously understand game concepts is unlikely to have sex at all.The term “traditional sex roles” is slightly a misnomer—a more accurate term is “human sex roles,” since they have likely existed since the beginning of the human species.submissiveness, dependence, emotional nature, faster intuition, cooperative sharing The idea of “gender equality” is a myth that has no scientific basis.

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Women are skilled at using the structure and rules of the local environment to fulfill their goals, which is to secure the highest possible value male, gain as much material resources as possible, pursue the female primal need for pleasure and vanity, and compete successfully against other females.