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A middle aged or older foreign man is probably already divorced, widowed, or coming away from a bad relationship.He has matured and no longer seeks to play the field.The prevailing assumption in some cultures is that Filipinas must only be interested in money because the men they choose are old and ugly. The foreign men that Philippine women date may be old or young, rich or poor, fat or thin, but never ugly. The reason foreign men are considered rich relates to the income levels of an average Philippine family. There are financial reasons why a Filipina will date a foreign man but they include helping her family, taking care of herself, raising children, and tending to the needs of her future husband.US a day is a good wage in Philippines so if you earn ten time that or more then you are considered rich. There are financial hopes and dreams that encourage a Filipina to date a rich man. She may want to start a business and need a rich husband to support her.Helping the family is a voluntary concept which is culturally expected in Philippines but not demanded of a man coming from a different culture.A Filipina and her family are both happy with foreigner babies.

He has learned about relationships and is willing to commit to the right girl.

Spanish blood mixes with island fervor to make a passionate mix. They are jealous lovers who will give all and expect all in return.

When a Filipina finds her foreign lover she will go everywhere with him, follow his lead and show him the way if he gets lost.

Philippine women are culturally, financially, and lovingly attracted to foreign men.

It’s not just a fantasy; it’s a fact of Philippine life.

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This sets up a fantasy that finding a foreigner will give the Philippine girl a better life.

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