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It was through all those realizations that I began to question exactly why women are so widely reviled and wonder if it wasn’t that there is something especially wrong with women but that women are held to impossible standards.

Imagine that happen for a week, a month, a year, FOREVER. They would be throwing themselves at us and the balance of power would be restored. We are the 300 Spartans up against King Xerxes and an army of pathetic females that don’t deserve their power. Anyway, It’s up to us as men to bring the world back on the right path. So without further adieu: The balance of power which has been ruled by men since throughout history, is now in the hands of our far inferior counterparts.Where men had his choice of women, it is now reversed.Women are picking men like they pick their clothes; they shop.And if they find one little thing they don’t like, they move onto the next one.

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But even worse, is the self entitlement they now possess.