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Some people wanted things, other people had things and wanted to sell them. The use of classifieds is referred to as classified advertisement.Normally used in text based print, classified advertisement is a now a strong vertical market that allows customers to communicate their needs with each other.Customer to customer (C2C) markets provide an innovative way to allow customers to interact with each other.

Consumer to consumer (or citizen-to-citizen) electronic commerce involves the electronically facilitated transactions between consumers through some third party.

Furthermore, as it becomes more economical for individuals to network on the internet via social websites and individual content creation, this marketing model has been greatly leveraged by businesses and individuals alike.

Newspapers and other similar publications were in frequent circulation and therefore were able to be used to facilitate a common need.

Many C2C sites have expanded and developed existing product categories by introducing category-specific bulletin boards and chat rooms, integrating category-specific content, advertising its service in targeted publications and participating in targeted trade shows.

e Bay specifically has also broadened the range of products that it offers to facilitate trading on the site, including payment services, shipping services, authentication, appraisal, vehicle inspection and escrow services.

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