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So, I’ve been with people who don’t get me or my mental health.I’ve been with people who have told me that my mental illness makes it so it’s difficult to love me.Some who underwent this procedure survived and may have lived for many years afterward as trephined skulls of primitive humans show signs of healing.Pressure on the brain may have also incidentally been relieved (Butcher 28).

While this is a small part of me, I can’t help but feel as though there is a giant neon sign following me.

The only shameful thing about mental illness is the stigma attached to it.

A lack of understanding when it comes to these disorders can leave sufferers feeling isolated and hopeless.

I am able to just be there for someone when they’re having a really, really bad day.

And I’m able to empathize, not sympathize or compare, when talking to someone about their problems.

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This procedure endured through the centuries to treat various ailments such as skull fractures and migraines as well as mental illness, albeit with more sophisticated tools such as skull saws and drills developed solely for this purpose (“Measuring”).

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