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If a dispute arises, the local parties should use the Article 12 Q&As in conjunction with the APWU/USPS Joint Contract Interpretation Manual (JCIM) to determine if the issue is addressed and resolve the dispute in accordance with the JCIM and the Q&As. Akaka (D-HI) about the apparent inconsistency of calling for regulating the pay of line workers while deregulating the pay of executives, Carolyn Gallagher responded: "Many people argued to the President's Commission that postal employees receive a wage that is in excess of the private sector." USPS executives, on the other hand, receive compensation that is significantly lower than that of their private-sector counterparts, she said.The Article 12 Q&As will be updated with additional material as necessary. "Clearly, Governor Gallagher will be no friend to postal employees," APWU President Burrus said.Approximately 110 drivers were eligible to vote in the decertification balloting in late August.

Assuming the Senate adopts its bill, the two measures will be sent to a conference committee, where we will once again face serious challenges (7/28/05)-The APWU Rank and File Bargaining Advisory Committee voted to approve a tentative contract extension agreement between the union and USPS today, clearing the way for a ratification vote by union members.The APWU is pursuing actions in preparation for a challenge if the Postal Service refuses to apply the substance of the appeals court ruling to return to duty procedures for FMLA-covered conditions on a nationwide basis." (9/17) (CBR) to aid locals in their preparation for local negotiations under the 2005 extension to the 2000 National Agreement.The CBR is being mailed to local presidents, but can also be downloaded here for those who can't wait.However, they will continue for at least six more months unless both parties agree to terminate them. Under the terms of the contract extension, existing local memorandums of understanding will remain in effect during any discussions, and can be changed only upon mutual agreement.he eighth Cost-Of-Living Adjustment under the extended 2000 National Agreement will be 8 per year, which works out to .00 per pay period or 35-cents-per-hour. APWU members have ratified a one-year extension of the Collective Bargaining Agreement by a vote of 69,763 to 9,201, in balloting that ended Aug 5.

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We will continue the fight for a true voice at work and job security." MCA is one of the nation's largest private mail haulers.