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I took my driving test in the UK in 1969 wearing glasses and drove for several years before getting contacts. He did give me a prescription for driving so I could wear the glasses very close to my eyes.

It felt as though my eyes almost touched the back of the lenses and my eyelashes brushed against them. I was conscious about my eyesight and drove carefully but I don't think I was a danger to myself or other road users at the time. Owlish , Great pics David, thanks for putting them up.

That's about as early as I can remember realising the big difference between glasses and contacts.

The other memory was they hurt like hell for the first few weeks and were hard.

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Too much weird looks at my glasses, its like they've never seen lenti before Groot , Plus Tony I think my glasses do look pretty strong from the side. They also create a strong halo that gives them a coke bottle effect even when I pay for thin lenses.

But in flattering lighting and from the front they look relatively mild.

In fanatasy stories it seems to be 4.00, but that hasn't been my experience in real life. David , Hey Colin, So my dad's ex uk military so I moved around a lot, wasn't back in UK until 6-7 years old.

At that point, I got contacts for playing sport on the weekend at first and very quickly changed over to them for the school day and back to glasses at home.

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It was much easier when my RX dropped and soft contacts came around.

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