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That widowed Ukrainian engineer you just met on your favorite dating website? Scam dating profiles are more likely to say they are Catholic; from Nigeria, the Ukraine or the Philippines; widowed and have a doctoral degree—among other characteristics, according to new data compiled by the dating website Seeking Romance scammers tug at the heartstrings or stroke the ego to get dating site users to send them money.The dating scam package advises customers to stick to a tried-and-true approach.

Shifty jobs Twenty-six percent of scammers say they're engineers, 25 percent say they're royalty and 23 percent say they're self-employed.

The vendor of the fraud package advertises a guaranteed response rate of at least 1.2 percent, and states that customers who average 30 scam letters per day can expect to earn roughly ,000 a week.

The proprietor also claims that his method is more than 20% effective within three replies and over 60% effective after eight.

Many of the sample emails read a bit like Mad Libs or choose-your-own-adventure texts, featuring decision templates that include advice for ultimately tricking the mark into wiring money to the scammer.

The romance scam package is designed for fraudsters who prey on lonely men via dating Web sites and small spam campaigns.

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(This may be specific to Seeking Arrangement, where most of the wealthy "sugar daddy" users are straight men. "These men and women tug on your heartstrings," Velasquez says.

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