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Myammee dating

It and Bonez fight, with Bonez winning a point for the Green Team.T-Weed and 20 Pack fight each other, with 20 Pack knocking T-Weed out of the ring and falls into the water, thus another point went to the Gold Team.Before the power outing, Buckwild and Saaphyri tell Leilene if she quits the game, the Green Team will have to go back into the vault and vote somebody else into the box, which she's certain will be Buddha.

Next, Ice and Tailor Made fight, with Tailor Made winning a point for the Gold Team.

Not chosen to be on either team was Tamara, who felt betrayed because both 20 Pack and T-Weed promised her she wouldn't go home, but neither one of them picked her, and humorously stormed off the set, by, like on season one of Rock Of Love unintentionally walking into a closet.

First aired February 9, 2009 The episode begins with Buddha sweet talking Leilene (who has a crush on him), with Saaphyri and Buckwild looking on.

Cast of I Love Money 2 (from left to right): Back: Onix, It, Saaphyri, The Entertainer, T-Weed, Bonez, Buddha, Tamara, Myammee, Tailor Made Front: Angelique, Leilene, Heat, Cali, Buckwild, Ice, Milf, Prancer, 20 Pack The 19 contestants for the second season were drawn from I Love New York, Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, and Real Chance of Love to compete in physical and mental challenges, aiming for a 0,000 grand prize.

Production began in late October 2008 & wrapped November 2008, and the show premiered on February 2, 2009 with Craig J. First aired February 2, 2009 19 contestants arrived to compete on the second season, and, like the previous season, the contestants had to jump off the boat into the water.

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Each team must pick a new captain for their next challenge.

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