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You’d be amazed at the photos our Customer Care team have to reject.If you must include a completely random photo in your album that isn’t of you, or your friends or family, make sure you have a really good reason for including it.They never say: 'I met someone on the internet and I went naked'."But 95% of the time it is actually webcam blackmail." If initial attempts to extort payment fail, the men behind the beguiling internet mask finally reveal themselves, this time posing as agents from the Ivorian police.Including friends and family is fine, but just make sure you label each photo VERY clearly, explaining who is who.This is especially important if you don’t want nieces and nephews to be mistaken for your own kids!"She said she was French, living in Lyon, but was on holiday in Ivory Coast. you could see everything." Paedophilia allegations On the same page, the victim saw many other similar videos of people entrapped in this way.We then chatted for a bit on MSN and I could see a video of her. The blackmailer wanted 500 euros (0) wired to Abidjan, the capital of Ivory Coast, or else the video would remain online.

But, the photos will undoubtedly be grainy, badly lit and scream ‘I couldn’t be bothered to find a better photo’.Whether you try to crop the other person out or even Photoshop them out, it’ll be obvious, and the only thing your match will think is ‘I wonder what his/her ex looked like?’ It might be really tempting to upload your photos from one of those professional photo shoots people often give as gifts.But, many online daters are wise to this kind of thing, knowing that the person looking at them beguilingly from the camera will bear little resemblance to the one who turns up on an actual date.Your profile photos should always include you, and at least 50% of them should be you only, to give your matches the chance to focus on you.

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She was a very beautiful French-looking girl, very pretty." "She was dressed to begin with and asked whether I would be interested in going further. It was captioned with the victim's name and the false allegation that he was performing a sexual act in front of a young girl.