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Just as well because this bike was more than a handful in anything but a straight line. The original H1 was also known in Japan as the 500SS.

The H1 was soon to become known as the 'triple with the ripple'. It was available in Midnight White or Peacock Grey, The white option being the most popular.

In 1969, Kawasaki started to develop a name for itself with bikes boasting barely adequate frames and very high performance, the start of which was the H1 model (500cc) also known as the Mach III.

The H1 was excellent for wheelies due to its backward weight bias and powerful but peaky motor.

The 1970 model had very few changes except for the colour and markings.The five speed gearbox was strange in the respect that the gears were all up with neutral at the bottom.The gear change shaft was double ended to allow the owner to either have a right or left side gear change.Prior to World War I it had branched out to produce locomotives, marine transportation, steel, aircraft and engines.After World War II, all divisions had work except the aircraft plant which still had skilled workers and production equipment.

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The MACH 111 500 badge was dropped in favour of vinyl decals. The chain guard was now finished in black instead of chrome.

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