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The idea for et3arraf was borne from a heartbreak Maalouf suffered in France.

“There is no concept of dating in the Arab world,” says CTO Nimer.The founders say the site’s success is based on the “fact that we respect the privacy in the beginning.” Active for nine months, et3arraf has already spawned a few marriages.With a small marketing budget, the site soft-launched on Valentines Day 2013 with a goal to win 15,000 registered users. Without any advertising since April, et3arraf’s user-base has grown to 56,000.Instead his site deals with, “the real problems that they are having-—liberalism, conservatism, religion, responsibility in the couple, kids.” The quiz uses psychology to determine suitable matches based on questions about social attributes, individual attributes, couple attributes, and personal attributes, as opposed to the kind of person users might think they want.“We use the psychology behind your answers to figure out what the best match for you really is,” says Maalouf. “Unfortunately in the region, religion is very important.

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“[Non-Arab sites] ask you questions like, ‘What do you prefer on a woman’s body: her eyes or her boobs or her ass?

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