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Mature ladys chat roulette sexy

Not an everyday fragrance for me, one that I have to be in the "mood" for; this is nice for say a rainy day or a Fall or snowy Winter day, that sort of thing.But this is still powerful with some strong dominating notes, so I do not think this is office-friendly or crowd-safe, nor anywhere you will be in close quarters with someone for all day/hours.This fragrance has been around before you were even a thought.If one cannot tolerate the scent one should as least respect the history.Today I bought my first full sized new formula (chello,base violin shaped bottle) of Tabu at the drug store in my neighbourhood. It's like the little root beer flavoured soda candies I used to love getting in my lunch at school when I was growing up in the 1990's.

the next day I smelled it on my bathrobe and wow, I started craving it.

Even if it is not as good as the vintage, the concept of the scent is retro for COLD weather. In addition, I see mature sophisticated women loving this one too. As a said, every collector should at least sniff this one.

For historical and collecting ratings, this is an easy 8/10.

Granted what is sold today is a shadow of it's former glory.

But still nuff respect for this grand Dame, at least from me. I went to the fragrance shops this weekend to test Tabu to see if this is really unisex...

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I was intrigued by the lady of the night mythology behind this scent and had to add it to my collection. If I want a longer lasting root beer experience I will reach for my signature Youth Dew anyway.

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