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Mature gay dating philadelphia

Well, I'm actually gay and have lived/traveled to many other cities and for it's size, Philadelphia has by far the least cohesive and visually apparent gay community.

I've lived here for 7 years and have had many friends visit from other cities, and each and everyone has been very underwhelmed by the gay community here.

The most heard complaint(s) is the lack of a viable gay community and the one-dimensionality in terms of meeting people. I lived in DC prior, which is much smaller in terms of city size (Philly 1.5 million and DC 600,000) and the gay community there is spread out over several city blocks, is much more visible overall and friendlier despite it's "icy" reputation.

I think you may have slightly underestimated the reach of Philly's gay community.

These days WSW is more diverse with more straight people moving (back) in but it is still far and away the entertainment hub for the LGBT community.

And, of course, your $$$ go significantly further in Philly.

There are a few major events going on during the year including Pride Fest, the Equality Forum and a Gay Film Festival The Philadelphia Gay News will help keep you up to date on issues local and beyond.

To my knowledge, there has only been one female-friendly venue: a nightclub called Sisters.

If there are any particularly minority-friendly venues, I don't believe they are downtown.

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Some people want that, and that's fine, but I do agree that you're not going to find it in Philadelphia.

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