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Instead I want to explore the following metaquestion: For a blogger like me — whose opinions are both expected immediately and googlable indefinitely — this question actually matters.

Err in one direction, and I’ll forever be known as the hidebound reactionary who failed to recognize some 21-century Ramanujan.

If I read all such papers, then I wouldn’t have time for anything else.

It’s an interesting question how you decide whether a given paper crosses the plausibility threshold or not.

My purpose here is not to heap embarrassment on the author: he’s a serious mathematician who had a well-defined and interesting approach, and who (most importantly) retracted his claim as soon as a bug was discovered. ) Though the stakes are usually smaller, similar things have happened to most of us, including me.

But the danger of elitism is obvious here — so in this post, I’ll only be interested in what can be inferred from the text itself. This simple test (suggested by Dave Bacon) already catches at least 60% of wrong mathematical breakthroughs. Maybe they mistake NP≠co NP for some claim about psychology or metaphysics. The approach seems to yield something much stronger and maybe even false (but the authors never discuss that).

Inspired by Sean Carroll’s closely-related Alternative-Science Respectability Checklist, without further ado I now offer the . David Deutsch and Lov Grover are among the only known false positives. Or maybe they solve the Grover problem in O(1) queries, under some notion of quantum computing lifted from a magazine article. They’ve proved 3SAT takes exponential time; their argument would go through just as well for 2SAT. The approach conflicts with a known impossibility result (which the authors never mention).

At some point, there might be nothing left to do except to roll up your sleeves, brew some coffee, and tell your graduate student to read the paper and report back to you.

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