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It's just for my personal use and I was'nt too concerned about missing a couple of games. With using mame, as long as I use the favorites, Im cool.If you can program in C then it would only require a small program using my Dat Lib: 1) Extend Dat Lib to load the game 'status' flag in dats/xml. 3) Remove non-working games (use the 'remove clones' function already in Dat Lib as a guide for removing games). The result will be a program that generates a clean data file with non-working games removed. but to create a favorites folder in Mame and use that. With hyperspin or other, untill I can use the 'favorites' in some way, Im not likley to use anything other than mame itself.Im not going to waste time or money going thru hundreds of nonworking games in that scenario once the above favorites is done. Problem there is that hyperspin doenst handle things quite right either.When the next mame is updated - hopefully they will note what changes were made, and I would manually handle those. as it is, its high probability that I wont bother updating.. I will also want to have my pc based games in hyperspin.. but this includes clones and 'too similar' games too.But im having fun with hyperspin, though Im having to remove a lot of the excessive category stuff.There really isnt enough game variety to justify having so many different categories. naw, That would be a nice idea, if the frontend and others actually did allow some variant of using only the favorites and a easier than current way to edit that list.With me its going to be nothing but 'MAME' and PC GAMES as a main list category.

I was going to convert it to a MAME arcade cabinet (if I ever find the time and money ).

For those saying, well use the rom-remover stuff, I should mention that some of those may have worked at one time, but most of them havent worked for at least a couple of versions since.

That alone would have been good, if they had worked, but not for a long time.

New game ROMs can be put in the "PUT MAME ROMS HERE!

" folder found on your desktop (do not extract the files).

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