Mairi young dating

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Mairi young dating

Hakozakigu Tamaseseri3 January Hakozaki-gu Shrine, Fukuoka Two groups of semi-naked young men take part in a vigorous struggle to catch a sacred ball which is said to bring good luck to the winning team in the coming year.

Amamehagi2-6 January Suzu, Wajima and Monzen, Noto Peninsula, Ishikawa Prefecture Amamehagi, also known as namahage, visit the houses of young children in order to warn them not be lazy in the new year.

Japan has an abundance of local festivals - matsuri - connected with shrines and temples throughout the country.

Most festivals in Japan are held on an annual basis on a particular set date.

If you know of a Japanese festival not listed here or if you believe any of the information here is inaccurate please contact us.

Check dates and times with your local Japan tourist office for confirmation before attending a festival.

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