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That victory was one of many during the triumphant “Year of Miracles” that helped Britain rule the seas and maintain its global prominence.

Decades after the war finished, the ship’s timbers were used to support the floor of Chatham Historic Dockyard, and they lay forgotten for nearly 200 years.

Bradford City manager turned football pundit Chris Kamara has praised the police after officers caught a suspected car thief hiding in his garden.

The suspect is alleged to have driven the wrong way down the M1 in West Yorkshire during a police chase which started after a car failed to stop for officers in Leeds.

The location of the real staircase leading to that secluded attic was lost over time—until 2004, when homeowners finally rediscovered it.

The carvings were witchmarks, which were used to deter evil and prevent demonic possession.The vehicle is believed to have been stolen in South Yorkshire.Some people dream of finding fascinating treasures and long-lost relics that reveal hidden secrets of the past."The vehicle was driven down the wrong side of the M1 carriageway before the driver abandoned the vehicle and made off on foot across the nearby motorway verge.The suspect was located after a search nearby and detained in to custody." A 24-year-old man was arrested on suspicion of theft of a motor vehicle, failing to stop for police, dangerous driving and being over the prescribed limit.

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Researchers believe the marks were specifically made to protect King James during a proposed visit to the house in 1606.

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