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Although numerous previous studies have examined the prevalence of nocturia, there are no studies that include large populations with wide age ranges.The purpose of the present study is therefore to explore the prevalence of and factors related to nocturia in Korean men.In addition, the microvascular complications of diabetic nephropathy may lead to polyuria, and diabetic neuropathy may cause impaired bladder sensation and increased residual urine mediated by a deregulated secretion of vasopressin.In this study, stress was related with nocturia in a dose-dependent manner.These figures are somewhat higher than those reported in several former studies of approximately 59% (compared to 90.0% in the present study) and the older population (40% or more above the age of 40 years old vs.≥19 years old in the present study) that it included.

A total of 92,626 participants aged between 19 and 103 years from the 2011 Korean Community Health Survey (KCHS) were enrolled.Due to the intractable nature of nocturia and the recent ageing of the population, the economic burden of nocturia is enormous and continues to increase.Thus, a significant amount of attention has been devoted to evaluating the prevalence and associated risk factors of nocturia.Stressful conditions due to preparing for examinations and the prolonged sedentary and unhealthy lifestyles associated with being unemployed or a student may have contributed to the increased nocturia prevalence in this group.Indeed, studies have reported that compared with unemployed and/or part-time workers, full-time employees exhibit lower levels of stress and depression, healthier and less unhealthy eating, more physical activity, and lower levels of smoking and drinking.

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The Korean Community Health Survey (KCHS) is a large, nationwide, stratified sampled investigation representative of the Korean population.