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The region covers an area of 6,240 square miles (16,162 square km) with an approximate population of 5.44 million, representing 15% of the Kenyan population.The province is located in south-western Kenya along the shores of Lake Victoria and predominantly inhabited by the Luo people.Four of the six counties in the former Nyanza Province are located along the shores of Lake Victoria, predominantly inhabited by the Luo ethnic group.This ethnic group has the highest HIV prevalence in the country at 20%, nearly three times the national average, and bears one-third of the national HIV/AIDS burden [].The ethnic group has the highest adult (15–49) HIV prevalence of 20%, three times the national average [].The province also has the highest HIV prevalence rate among adolescents aged 15–19 at 8%, with females nearly four times as likely to be infected as their male counterparts.SO IF YOU DONT MIND SOME GREASE WI I play in a punk rock band.We have been together for 2 years and play all the time.

However, these studies are quantitative and provide limited understanding of how the factors predispose adolescents to sexual risks.However, these studies did not explore whether or not cultural factors contribute in enhancing risky behaviour among adolescents.This study explores community perceptions of whether or not cultural factors influence the sexual behaviour and risks of adolescent orphans compared with non-orphans.I play guitar and am the lead singer-the guy in the middle of the pic. Since its founding in 1973 Undugu has deliberately worked to develop an organizational philosophy that defines its shared beliefs and behavior which in turn shapes and sustains the organization’s culture and its unique way of doing things.

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Identified cultural practices that predisposed adolescents orphans and non-orphans to risky sexual behaviours included: adolescent sleeping arrangements, funeral ceremonies, replacing a deceased married daughter with her younger sister in marriage, widow inheritance among boys, early marriage among girls, and preference for boys/sons.