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The team includes staff from the Medical, Psychiatry, Nursing, Psychology, Social Work, Nutrition and Activity Therapy Departments.

Together, you will develop a plan of treatment which will be regularly updated and reviewed.

If you wish to do so, you may invite a family member or friend to attend.

You can: The judge will make his decision based on facts from the application.

The judge will also consider the advice of the two doctors who evaluated you, as well as the evidence given at the hearing.

Unit Assignments After you are admitted to the hospital, staff workers will take you to your hospital unit.

You and your treatment team may agree that you are ready to be released from the hospital at which time you can continue treatment in the community.

You may also be released at a scheduled court hearing if the court decides that you no longer need hospital treatment.

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If the hospital feels that you do need more treatment, a request will be filed with the probate court where you live for a hearing which usually takes place within 14 days.