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As you struggle to gulp the air you re going to have to continue sucking and swallowing the dog s cum. There is only one STD I know of that a human can contract from K9 sex. But be assured that it won t and before long you ll be enjoying the knot rubbing against your G-spots. Once your goal is accomplished you ll find that you can t wait to do it again.

It s call Brucellosis but it s not just transmitted through animals.

The more you allow him to lick you the faster he ll learn.

Breed is unimportant but I d suggest that you have a short-haired dog to do this with.

Don t dismay or get pissed, simply wait until the dog s mounted her, take a chair placing it in front of her and sit down and feed her your cock.

You may need to allow your K9 companion 10 to 20 minutes rest before going at it again.

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