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The K-22 Outdoorsman guns had a different hammer, a smaller rear sight, no barrel rib, and were not available with target grips, or a target trigger.Also in those days, the target hammer was a "humpback" hammer rather than the post war wide spur hammer we all know of today.I am preparing to buy one soon and have started looking online. Does it matter if one is pre-war, post-war, seventy's, eighty's? If you post the serial number I can tell you the date it was made.Can anyone tell me the difference between a '3 screw' and a '5 screw'? I'll be buying on stated condition, probably from Cabela's because of price and I've dealt with them for many years. Jim Generally speaking the earlier a K22 is the more it will be worth.The K-22 was introduced before WWII in two versions. They can be distinguished from later models by their unusual sights, stocks, and hammers, narrower barrels than later models, and high 6-digit serial numbers without a "K" prefix.

The pre war K-22s, which are the K-22 Outdoorsman aka K-22 1st model, and the scarce K22/40 aka K22 2nd model, were all 5 screw.

They're great revolvers, I have two of them and will buy another if the right price comes around, sometimes great deals can be had. In 1957 S&W began stamping model numbers and the K-22 became the model 17. 17-2 started in 1961 with the end of the 4th screw. The bottom rear screw is frequently hidden by the stocks, trust me, it is there.

This is a 1948 five screw K22 Masterpiece with just the "made in USA" roll mark on the frame. Later in 1948 they changed to a four line address and have kept it since then. In 1957 they started using a numbering system and the K22 Masterpiece became the Model 17.

(The screw at the bottom of the frontstrap of the grip isn't counted; don't ask me why not.

) Screw #3 is generally hidden by the stocks (aka grips) used on most postwar Smiths, so you generally won't see it.

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If you pull the trigger like you're firing double-action, the cylinder will advance, but the hammer will NOT rise and drop.

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