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Jumpstyle dating

While you may not end up executing any of these steps on the dance floor, knowing them before you go may relieve any anxiety that you have about the rave style.

Rave dancing is one of the most effective stress relievers because, like all physical activity, stress levels go down, and because there are no prescribed steps to learn and execute, this style of dancing does not create any stress for the dancer.

You have no audience to impress; rave dancing is about your own experience and expression.

For those who have never been to a rave and find the idea of improvisation overwhelming, try some of these dance steps at home before going to a rave.

Rave dancing is different from many other styles of dance because everyone out on the dance floor is doing their own thing.

While at some moments the entire crowd will jump in unison, for the most part the goal of rave dancing is for each individual to express the movements that the music inspires.

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Move your whole body, following the inspiration of the music.