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but I always camped (or stayed with distant connections), so no hotel info. ), and Segwipo was quite warm and spectacular sea views. Cheers Bryan PS, this forum can be closed, not sure if that is done on this site or not?

Thanks for all the info, the climbing was solid, but Jeju-do at Xmas was perfect, beautiful weather for climbing Hallasan (tallest peak in South Korea, didn't know that till we go to the top!

Finally, if you're interested (or if this info is sooooo helpful that you want to do me a favor), check out try to find the restaurants I have for Jeju and get back to me on their existance, vegetarian-ess, etc!! I took some good shots of the wall from across the burm.

We also offer vinyl wrapping, window tinting and wheel refurbishments. This ferry, bound on her regular run from Incheon on the West coat, near Seoul to Jeju Island off the South West coast with over 470 people on board has sunk with nearly 300 people missing.Here is a photo of the near new ferry: Last moment before it sunk: Notice that most of the life rafts are still in their racks as the ferry is listing 60 degr.- Starting Date: March 2009 (orientation: end of February) - Salary: 1.8-2.7 mil won/month (Depends on Qualification) - Location: Seoul, Busan, Jeju (and all the other metro cities, and rural provinces) - Teaching levels: Elementary, Middle, High schools (Mostly elementary) - Working Hours: Mon-Fri 9am-5pm or am-pm - Teaching Hours: 22 hours per week - 300,000 won Settlement pay upon teacher is arrival - Round trip airfare (1.3 million won reimbursed upon teacher is arrival and another 1.3 million won will be paid when you complete your contract) - 100% Severance pay - 21 working days paid vacation a year and all Korean national holidays - 50% medical insurance, 50% national pension plan supported - Full furnished single housing or housing allowance (500,000 won) Since it is quite competitive, the application begins this September, and after you pass the interview, you need to submit the following documents immediately to secure the position.- apostilled criminal record check - apostilled copy of degree - two sealed transcripts - etc.

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As for climbing, I am not sure how the weather will be? Oedolgae is a sea cliff, so it might get a little chill. I will publish the photo, with a few lines drawn in and if someone can give me more beta on the lines I didn't do, we could have a complete picture for the next person.

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  1. La terre doit être bien drainée, mais conserver une certaine fraîcheur durant l’été. Allégez les terres trop argileuses avec un apport de sable grossier au moment de la plantation (lire : Planter une grimpante).