Is online dating a sign of desperation

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Is online dating a sign of desperation

Hogan told me, “By using dating apps, you can be very sexually active without most of your personal network knowing anything.

And sure, apps have downsides—it’s annoying when you can’t tell someone’s height, or if their voice sounds like a squeaky toy.But generally, it’s amazing how much you can know about a person from just a few photos, a one-sentence bio, and whether or not they opted to flex topless for a bathroom selfie. My first stop was the bar at the Gramercy Park Hotel, because it’s near my apartment, and because rich people go there.Annoyingly, everyone there was either in a group of friends or already on a date. So I put on my knee-high suede boots and my new contour stick and was feeling very powerful.Most obviously, I like that you can stalk your prey from the comfort of your bed.

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Think of it this way: If you only sleep with people connected to your social scene, then the regular gossip will result in everyone knowing who you’re banging.