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Invoice 12 10 dating

Creating transactions in advance gives you visibility into future cash flow as well as the ability to send reminders to clients before the transaction date - sales transactions are emailed when created.You can enter the value for this field when editing the schedule of a recurring template.Let's take a look at what these numbers and letters mean. You know it's not a date because for one, you are nowhere near the month of February and there's no year listed. This particular term actually means that you will get a discount of two percent if you pay within ten days.Companies use these terms to encourage early payment of the invoice.Recurring transactions are created on the day scheduled, typically really early in the morning between the hours of am and am; from time to time depending on volume it may be created a little later, but in order to avoid problems, anything scheduled prior or on the day the transaction is created will not occur until the next appropriate date based on the schedule.

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The Days in advance to create field allows you to create transactions (from scheduled recurring templates) a specified number of days before the actual transaction date.

Doing this is useful when you want to create and see transactions several days before the actual transaction date.

You can print invoices or send reminders related to the transactions once they are created.

The transaction date remains the 15th of the month.

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