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Intimidating definition urban

Mc Mahon, Thread Collective, Grace Robinson-Leo, Des Brisay & Smith Architects, Frederick Tang, Althea Wasow & Paul Beatty, Edelman Sultan Knox Wood, Asaf Yogev & Pawel Tzaczuk, Architecture Research Office, Tracy & Zachary Wydra Joshua Barnett, Hannah Bronfman, Alicia Cheng, Ashley Cruce & Joseph Heathcott, Martin Dunn, Sharon Haar, Margarett Jolly, Francis Lam, Jean Marks, Sandro Marpillero, Thomas Morbitzer & Goil Amornvivat, Michael Parent, Ken Shulman, Tim Tompkins, Kenneth Torrey, Aneesa Wahed, Lloyd Westerman, Maya Wiley, Nevah Assang, Hester Street Collaborative, Gregory Berman, Josh Breitbart, Nikki Chung, Keith Fitzpatrick, Alexandra Ortved, Claire Weisz, Jason Babbie, Tara Kelly, Barbara Hart, Irina Verona, Dan Wiley Shana Agid, Daniel Alexander, Gabriella Amabile, Anand Amir, Beth & Mike Anderson, Jason Anderson, Lynn Appelbaum, Mercedes Armillas, Caron Atlas, Brett Bainbridge, Joan Bartolomeo, Aurelie Barbier, Francesca Batista, Andrew Belcher, Sarah Bendit, Jess Besack, Bethany Bingham, Jonathan Bogarin, Katherine Bradley, Elaine Braithwaite, Sarah Brennan, Kristine Bruch, Mary Bruch, Dan Campo, Stephen Chen, Deanne Cheuk, Terri Chiao, Michael Chico, Yeju Choi, Jeffrey Chusid, Matthew Clancy, Matthew Clarke, Johane Clermont, Charlotte Cohen, Deb & Ed Coletta, Anita Cooney, Scott Corey, Lizania Cruz, Alexandra Cuervo, Glen Cummings, Darby Curtis, Sarah Dadush, Suzanne Dance, Timothy David-Lang, Annie Decker, Marit Dewhurst, Ken Diamondstone, Neil Donnelly, Mary Dorn, Cyrus Dowlatshuhi, Susannah Drake, Frank Dubinsky, Danielle Epstein, Iben Falconer, Janet Fastabend & Mark Fastabend, Cassie Fennell, Brian Feeney, Fitzgerald & Halliday, Natalie Fizer, Cristian Fleming, Leah Flax, Sean Flynn & Claire Steichen, Glenn Forley, Julia Foulkes, Jennifer Gardner, Lisa Garrison, Matt Galek, Rosalie Genevro, Annemarie Gray, Alison Greenberg, Liz Greenstein, Kate Grossman, Lindsay Haddix, Tony Haftel & Janiece Haftel, Matthew Hart, Sarah Bloch Harvey, Jack Heaney, Michael Heimbinder & Daisy Deomampo, Adam Hellengers, Sam Holleran, Michael Hickey, Dylan House, Winthrop Hoyt, Kemi Ilesanmi, Karrie Jacobs, Patrick Jones, Leora Jontef, Charlotte Kahn, Matthew Kane, Olympia Kazi, Stephen Kennedy, Sina Khajeh-Najafi, Inbar Kishoni, Drew Kiriazides, Rajesh Kottamasu, Robert D. October is here, and with it comes pumpkin carving, haunted houses, and FAFSA SEASON.Our education programs vary in length from one day to one semester and reach over 500 students each year – from the Bronx to South Brooklyn and everywhere in between. These products are screened in theaters, exhibited at museums, and used by advocacy organizations to educate others. For example, the Sewer in a Suitcase, a working model of a city streetscape and combined sewer system developed by with students from City-as-School, has been featured on Design Observer, and is currently being used by educators at organizations like the Harbor School, the Lower East Side Ecology Center, and the Trust for Public Land to teach people about wastewater management and combined sewer overflow.CUP’s Urban Investigation projects ask basic questions about how the city works and answer them over the course of a semester. City Studies projects are in-class and afterschool, project-based curricula for high school students, from single-session workshops to 10-session projects.For example, Weathering the Storm is an interactive website showing residents of coastal areas how flood insurance changes will impact their homes.Collaborators have included designers Manuel Miranda, Nikki Chung, and Phillip Niemeyer, and organizations such as the Center for partners with schools and afterschool programs to produce experiential, project-based curricula that get students out of the classroom to interact with New York City and the people who make it work. Students make site visits and conduct interviews while working with Teaching Artists and staff to produce award-winning videos, exhibitions, magazines, and other media that communicate what they’ve learned to a wide audience.In 2001, organized Building Codes, an exhibition at Storefront for Art and Architecture on the 100th anniversary of New York City’s Tenement House Act that used multiple methods to investigate and represent the politics of urban development.

For example, Healthy Salons For All is a five-language poster that helps nail salon workers know their health, safety, and labor rights.

We find these topics inherently interesting but we know they can often be intimidating.

We think it’s easier for people to engage with projects that capture their imaginations, make them laugh, or give them a chance to play.

The spokes are individual project teams, made up of artists, designers, educators, activists, and researchers, who collaborate on the individual projects.

was founded in 1997 by Damon Rich with co-founders Jason Anderson, AJ Blandford, Josh Breitbart, Stella Bugbee, Sarah Dadush, Althea Wasow, and Rosten Woo, who drew on their backgrounds in art, architecture, history, public policy and political theory, and graphic design to collaborate on projects investigating how the city works.

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The tools we create are used by organizers and educators all over New York City and beyond to help their constituents better advocate for their own community needs.

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