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Hot sex typing chat

One part of me feared having that thing enter me because it was going to hurt, but the more overwhelming aspect of me wanted to try.

As we started out, both Gary and Mark took turns blowing me. I lay there with my back against the bed, legs curled into my body and above my head while two men took turns licking my asshole and sucking my extremely erect cock.

People in porn looked like they enjoyed it, so maybe I was missing something. As I walked through their home, they introduced themselves as Gary and Mark.

I introduced myself by my gay alias, "Alex." As we entered their bedroom, I noticed the small arrangement they had set out for me - namely, towels for their beds and lube for my ass.

I enjoy the feeling of sliding the largest cucumber I can find in and out of my hole. When I sleep with women, I enjoy fucking them in the ass. While I've had several sexual experiences with women, I've only had a few encounters with men. The effort for all the work was a well-defined six-pack, pecs and arms. When I'm naked, I'm a delicious platter of man meat (even with my average sized cock). This is how I advertise myself on Craigslist: with my body.

Those encounters, however, were - and still are - electrifying to think of. I'm not the only one with a six-pack out there true, but in my hometown, it gets you a lot of replies.

I was easily 8 to 9 inches long and easily just as thick.I can remember the first time I had my dick sucked by a guy; the first time I had my ass fucked by a guy; and the first time I stuck another man's dick into my mouth and sucked him off. So imagine my delight when a gay couple just a few miles down the road invites me over for a threesome and to participate as their bottom boy.The memory I'm about to share, likewise, I can remember in vivid detail. Since I only do something really gay every few months or so, I try and make it as hardcore as possible.I bit my lip while grasping onto Gary's gigantic cock. By the time he was about three inches in I felt the uncomfortable pain of needing to shit, but being unable to do so.I tried to relax as he continued to push further into me, but the only thing I could think of was how badly I needed to go.

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