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They spoke in squirrelly voices, invited us to the Disco, and kept complimenting Satan throughout the night— and when a fan handed the frontwoman a flower, she ate it.They were an absolute delight, but provided more than just onstage antics.The last African American suitor in the competition, he had never brought a girl home to meet his family."He's funny, he's smart, he's deep," Rachel said to Eric's mom, while he told the cameras she was "the one" for him.

With Death Valley Girls, the devil was in the details (heh).

and more than likely missed out on their 5 windfall.

Monday was hardly mundane as Replay revelers turned out to deal with the devil, courtesy Death Valley Girls.

Bryan said the problem wasn't his mom in that case but "more on the other person." Mother Olga told the cameras, "He's my life, my love, my pride." "I know she's the one," Bryan told his mother, but Olga seemed skeptical about him falling in love with a girl on a TV show. Olga said, "To give you a warning, you're marrying the family, too." She added, "If he's happy, I'm happy. Then, Bryan told her flat out, "Rachel, I'm in love with you," thrilling the bachelorette.

In Peter's hometown of Madison, Wisconsin, Rachel was concerned that he wasn't ready to settle down.

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That didn't sit well with Rachel, who wanted a fiancé, not just a boyfriend, out of the show.

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