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"I am subject to Ministry law, that is correct, and I have obeyed that law.However, asking me to support him, even after he launched a smear campaign, is not required of me.""You're wrong." Percy contradicted stubbornly. If they ask for your support, you should offer it."Harry sighed heavily. Yeah, I feel better, but I'm really thirsty, and my legs are aching."A glass of Butterbeer appeared under his nose, his rather tousled wife smiling at him. Grabbing the notebook off the podium, Harry banished it with a flick of his wand, before conjuring two obscenely padded armchairs. "My legs are killing me.""Ah, you're gettin' old, Harry." Hermione said, sliding into the chair next to him."Says the woman ten months my senior."She rolled her eyes. We knew we'd have to wait a while for our OWL results to be sent out, but we didn't see a need to stop because of that."Again, we portkeyed to each other's houses, learning, practicing, studying. this time."Taking and draining the drink, Harry smiled back. Hmph...""Okay, I'll give you three back tonight." She offered, a gleam in her eyes."Agreed." Harry said loftily. "Ooh, lamb." He was about to bite into it, when he changed his mind. grow more distinguished.""Hmm..." Harry said thoughtfully, passing across a plate and the tray of sandwiches. For the most part, though, myself and Hermione carried on with our advanced studies.This was Voldemort's mother's home, and the place where Voldemort learned some of his family history. It's cool enough to not set fire to his perch, but it's devastating against evil.While on the fishing expedition, which me and Hermione were listening in to, he encountered... Yes, it cost me my hand and reduced my life expectancy to less than a year, but that was a small price to pay, as far as I was concerned. That was enough for me."In the crowd, Rita Skeeter stood up. The Horcrux in the ring simply died when hit by Fawkes' regeneration." She sighed. He would have been very useful on the hunt.""A few days later, Dumbledore came to Privet Drive to collect me from my relatives.

There is a high degree of possibility that he will want you to support him, as Fudge wanted. "Even then, the Ministry of Magic was trying to use me for their own gains.

He never really explained that publicly, for very good reasons.

After all, hunting down Voldemort's toys was not exactly something that should become public knowledge.

You are a British subject, and therefore are subject to Ministry law.""I know." Harry replied.

"And I never said I wasn't.""Then when the Minister ordered your presence and support, you should have gone.""I disagree." Harry answered firmly.

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At that point, I did not support the Ministry."Percy eyed Harry warily. ""We shall see." Harry replied cagily, before waving at Percy to take his seat.