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The game will assume this is just your second world file but it will really be an exact copy of your first world.A method is to go into the player file and copy the character. B.: Just because a bug can be exploited doesn't mean it should be exploited. You cannot obtain items you did not already have at least one of via cloning methods.Duplicating items may make the game easier, but it's a good idea to consider not doing so if it makes the game less fun for you. To clone items in Terraria single player; open 2 copies of Terraria, and in both copies, sign in with the same character. Enter WORLD A and go into the chest you put ITEM X in.It should also be noted that players are able to sell the nameless items for the same worth of the item being duplicated, letting players duplicate endless diamonds for consistent coins, dropping any nameless items results in the item being randomly made into something else with exactly the same number in the stack but is still nameless.(As of 1.1, two players cannot be looking in the same chest.You should not have both of these(or one of them wont have an icon, and you can not run it), so deciding which should not be a problem.If you decide to clone items by copy/paste world or character files, be sure to know which file is which: player1appears below player1 - Copy.plr, which also appears below any subsequent copies (of which copy 2 comes at the top, and then 3, etc.) of the player file.

This can be done by opening the Start Menu, going to Documents, going to My Games, then clicking the Terraria folder, then the World folder, then copying the world file, pasting it in the World folder you are already looking at, and then renaming it as another world.Once you have placed the door, right click it continuously, do this and you will have stacks of doors, if you acquire them.This means that you will get infinite doors for any use.Sometimes this may not work, and rarely, you can lose some bars.If you put any item in the Piggy Bank, then save and exit your world, when you reload it, the Piggy Bank's contents will be an amount of Iron Pickaxes that corresponds to the Data ID of the original item.

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This is quite an easy way of farming money in the early game, as every stack of 99 pots is worth 19 80 , and you get a full stack in around 5 seconds.