Groom love dating ru lupe fiasco is dating

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Groom love dating ru

Dadi comes to her and asks are you feeling bad, entire family is together and you are alone. Shivaye says your hair got long and memory got shorter, Rudy you remember Dadi told about our tradition, Dadi tell me Dadi says yes, Billu reminded me, when your Dada and I got married, we placed that idol at home, I want same idol of Shiv Parvati in Billu and Anika’s marriage. Rudra says wow, Shiv and Parvati, Shivaye and Anika, I noticed somethings, we brothers have names on Shiv ji and three girls have name on Parvati ji. She says its coincidence that your names are on Shiv Parvati, Om go and get it. Rudra says we will do, but will you make Chowpatty style pau bhaaji. Jhanvi and Dandi follow Kaveri and see her paying money to a man.

They hear news on radio about some ghost near Shiv Parvati temple.

Rudra says our team is so happening, we have good looks and emotions.

Rudra says you will be groom’s family at your home.

She thinks he is asking as if he has fed me parathas at home. He says okay, I will stop the car, I m tired of driving.

Shivaye says Dadi you are so sweet, you want your masterchef Billu to win.

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Gauri thinks Om is silent and me too, I made a record.

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