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Gaychubbydating com

A guy that is a serious rider, not a poser; that wears his gear (who cares if its a Medium jacket or XL). A guy who knows how to ride well, regardless of his size; and that doesn't do stupid squid stuff with a passenger.

A guy that treats his lady friends well, respectful, not a dumb jerk. (like dropping the girl off the back popping a wheely kind of stuff).

In other words you cant sleep on their passion to ride and their determination to look good while doing it. He loves it, its his therapy and I back him up 150%. Then they see , who would ever thought big on a bike make it happen with the skills , after that they want to ride with me cuase i make it fun and easy, nothing to prove here , but make it fun and fast is what imma all about , besides i got my beatifull honey which i love with all my heart already , wow that sounds kind of lame , just keeping it real , NOW LETS GO OUT THERE AND RIDE AND HAVE SOME FUN !

You know you are into the specialist interest section - after the Double Glazing Party Channel, before Gay Chubby Dating - when Eurosport isn't showing it live.Yesterday we saw her challenge, but also her opportunity.Serena Williams absolutely pulverised Dinara Safina. The weightlifting enthusiast, who increasingly resembles a young Mike Tyson, wasn't so much playing tennis as clubbing seals. Safina lost the first set in 21 minutes with Williams only dropping one point on first serve.While the men are in snorting good health, the women (Williams sisters aside) have regressed after years of enthralling progress to somewhere behind where they were before Martina Navratilova.I can't see Robson ever beating Williams, unless she forgets jumpers and borrows a light-armoured tank.

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Laura might chew jelly snakes courtside but she will now test herself regularly against the grown-ups.

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