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Regardless of who you are, regardless of who you’re dating, there’s ALWAYS risk involved, so why take it when you can minimize it?Let’s take a closer look at some preparations you can make to ensure your date has a happy ending no matter what!A queer or trans person almost anywhere in the world.Unfortunately, while times change, human nature does not, and while hundreds of thousands of people across the globe are actively working towards pro-LGBT laws and legislations, it might take us another generation until gay, lesbian, bi, queer and trans folk is completely accepted without any sort of prejudice.If there’s any doubt at all, feel free to request a picture that can’t possibly be found online (for example, of them touching the tip of their nose).

We can’t teach small-minded homophobes not to be hateful and discriminating, so we need to teach each other how to protect ourselves should we face some sort of danger.

If you’re trans, or simply a gay lady who likes to dress masculine, or a gay man that can appreciate a nice shade of pink (as he should, since pink is stylish af), sooner or later you’ll encounter some whispers about yourself.

You’ll hear murmurs containing slurs and offensive language. The urge to stand up, confront those people and call them out on their behavior may be strong, but unlike what Tumblr tells you, no, if you do so nobody will clap and/or give you 0.

While these risks aren’t exclusive to the LGBT community, a lot of them are increased if you don’t exactly identify as straight or cis.

And while hopefully you’ll never, ever need to actually rely on these security measures, having them in place “just in case” is always a great idea.

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It’s human nature to assert superiority over others, especially when it comes to knowledge and information.