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Freetext sex chat

Travelling with a group (and a group of ships) on our Routes means Sail Croatia features some for the biggest parties along the coast during the summer.

Relax and travel with your boat during the day - light up the evening when we all come together in port.

Watch golden sunsets with your friends whilst sipping cool drinks from the decks of your boat and let the mood take you out in the evenings to waterside cafes or vibrant bars and clubs.

But at the same time I need this drop down list to accept text.

So if the client wants to choose from the drop down list then he can, also if the client want to enter the amount by text then he can also. For example: suppose there is an drop down menu, and its elements are (1,2,3); Suppose now that the client needs the amount to be 5 - this is his right - it does not exist in the drop down list, so the client now must enter the amount textually.

Our Navigator Cruises are perfect for the under 35s!

You'll be island hopping all week with like-minded travellers as we cover the biggest highlights on the Croatian coast aboard some of the liveliest motor cruisers on the Adriatic.

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