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And I just figured out it is all the wonderful people in the world who have gained tremendous power thanks to the Neo-Tech matrix. B.,, 6/10/98 I thoroughly enjoy your web site! I received information about The Book and thought I would buy a copy. It took a lot of going over and concentration to understand it but I have found that I see my perception of the world in a totally new light. J.,, 3/19/99 I've just recently started reading God-Man and The Neo-Tech Discovery. All these new thoughts have me looking at everything in a whole new light. M.,, 10/22/97 "Make's more sense to me than anything ever read !!! ben,, 2/2/01 I am very new to this, however my earnings have doubled in 3 months directly due to neo-tech C.

I have never felt so fulfilled to know that there are many other eagles soaring over the land of anti-civilized chickens. The more I read about Neo-Tech the better I feel and the more I understand about Myself and others. "Thank you for Neo-Tech, my life has changed drastically." J. C.,, 8/6/97 "Neo-Tech's philosophy succeeds brilliantly in applying Objectivist principles to daily life and work in the 'Get Rich By 2001' section. I have a much clearer view of the universe ." OW, Neo-Tech helped me to see this world from a completely different perspective. Someday everyone will see and feel the power of NEO-TECH!!!!! F.,, 8/10/99 The C of U is hard to find, and I'm not quite there yet myself. Neo-Tech is going to be in my life no matter what happens now. L.,, 10/4/98 This information is not available elsewhere. M.,, 3/19/97, Venezuela It was really interesting to read about Neo-Tech. M.,, 5/8/01 Still using Neo-Tech and still laughing at all of the pathetic competition from those who aren't.

I find I cannot always carry around the book and I care to much about it to possibly ruin it. J.,, 10/6/01 Since obtaining The Book I have prospered personally as well as professionally.

I really like the web page and hope everyone would read it." C. M.,, United Kingdom This knowledge should not be hidden from anybody. L.,, 1/5/97 Kevin O'Keane,, 10/7/00 How could it be otherwise Neo-tech spread throughout the world or how else are we to survive? It amazes me that I was duped for so long but what else could I do. In addition, I am more attuned to mystical thinking, bluffs, and other's bicameral need for authority than ever before.

Its focus on wide-scale integration and task structuring to concentrate on money-making purpose is brilliant." D. A.,, 2/13/98 Please send updates on the beautiful world of Neo-Tech. I’d hate to see where I'd be today if I did not found Neo-Tech information.... For the first time in my young life, I'm feeling like things are going to be positive on all fronts.....because I now control those fronts.... I plan on making a timeline of my experiences and growth with Neo-Tech. Wallace(I can't remember if I had the nerve to mail it though) about how he was almost like a father to me because of what the NT Discovery did for me....was the best learning tool I had available to me at the age of 16. However, I greatly await the day when we can end Neo-Tech Dynamics and Start Zon Dynamics worldwide. K.,, 12/22/98 I have been reading Neo-Tech books since 1994.

S.,, 7/12/99 Neo-Tech and its associated literature is without doubt the most important material I have ever read. Mathew,, I am god......................... I always try to live up to the standard set by the original NT Discovery and in all the works you put out...... I remember the feel and smell of the air the day I came home from school to find that manuscript had arrived in the mailbox. I also said that I felt like hugging him the way a small child might hug a teddy, comfort, and love. Then I won't have to laugh at all the ridiculous competition because everyone will be an asset to everyone else instead of a cut-throat competitor. Now every new publication you come out with I automatically buy.

THE MENTAL PARAMETERS OF THOUGHT ARE CLEAN & HONEST ONCE AGAIN AS I HAD IN MY YOUTH!! Every day I realize more and more how stupid and inconsistent this anti-civilization is. B.,, 3/9/97, Canada The Web is for the access to information, it's a natural `home' for Neo-Tech. R., As a former Objectivist, I struggled with the Neo-Tech concepts.

this is a great are going to stay around and implement all that is proposed..strong. I have increased my productivity by 3 times in less than 30 days. I have moved from existence to essence from lost to laser focused... I want more and intend on ordering the publications. A compendium of history and attitudes on how to get the most from life. Wallace, like other great thinkers before him (Freud and even Einstein come to mind) has brilliant, unique insights.

N.,, 10/13/97, Germany Neo-Tech is the revelation of the century. Without access to it's reference we can easily forget the conscious effort required to continue integrating honesty thus returning to sad, mystical lives. I admire you for your 'guts' to continue on in the face of such desperate opposition from the 'neocheaters and such fellow travelers. It's hard to read it without ending up with at least some libertarian tendencies. C.,, 4/7/00 When I first encountered Neo-Tech in 1988 I was shocked. But I didn't throw it away, I kept re-reading the material.

T.,, 4/7/02, England Neo-Tech must remain on the web. D.,, 7/12/01 I think the world has been in need of this since BC 2000,(which should have been AD 2000). Wallace is an almost unbelievably charismatic writer, with ideas which nobody else has seemed to touch that ring true.

Anon, The [email protected], 6/15/00 I have been a Neo-Tech member/subscriber since December 1987.

The Neo-Tech information continues to get at the truth of WHAT IS not WHAT APPEARS TO BE! 'THE STORY' should be in every grade school classroom and library. L.,, 2/15/00, England This philosophy and reality is brilliant. It's Completely changed my mystical outlook and it's totally refreshing.

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The arrival of the Neo-Tech Discovery in 1985 took Ayn Rand to the next level for me. I still feel the same way...maybe even more so since I'm really applying the NT concepts now and gaining great advantages from them. Wallace or anyone at NT personally but I have some measure of love for all of you for the work you do and the works you produce. I reread the older versions as much as possible always integrating new thoughts with each reading.

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