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Exhibit implies open presentation that invites inspection: The museum is exhibiting paintings by local artists.

Flaunt implies an unabashed, prideful, often arrogant display: "Every great hostelry flaunted the flag of some foreign potentate" (John Dos Passos). Examples: show of alarm, 1841; of attention, 1872; of foxes, 1885; of gladiators, 1770; of hands, 1789; of horses, 1864; of interest; of livestock, 1840; of people, 1889; of questions, 1581; of reason, 1604; of vegetables, 1695.2.

talking about objects If you show an object to someone, you hold it up or give or take it to them, so that they can look at it.

When show has this meaning, it always takes an indirect object.

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Synonyms: show, display, expose, parade, exhibit, flaunt These verbs mean to present something to view.