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Others are looking for sex to feature as a part of their rental agreement but are also willing to pay the landlord rent each month.One says that he is “a serious African male looking to find a room to rent during the weekends”.He adds that it is a serious inquiry and that he has his own house already, but that he needs a room within driving distance of Dublin, as he is attending weekend classes in the capital.In contrast to most other advertisers, he is willing to pay up to €400 a month, as well as offering sex to “preferably a mixed-couple black male and white female”.In the advert he says that he is bisexual and prefers “open minded bi/gay student aged males”.He goes on to say that, although he doesn’t require rent money, he charges €25 a week for electricity and wifi and that, as he is a photographer, he might “require” the younger male to do “some modelling in lieu of rent”.

The sex-for-rent phenomenon has attracted considerable coverage in the UK, where people – mostly women – have been coming forward to describe their ordeals.

“I got around 30 replies, all interested, from different places around Europe.

However, I am still with my girlfriend, so I won’t be meeting anyone else.” Another man, who advertised a free bed for a woman who “can look after” him and “keep the house clean”, says his ad is not a sex-for-rent proposition.

The sum of €450 a month is significantly less than the average rental in Dublin, according to, which reports the average nationwide rent as having hit an all-time high, of €1,131 a month.

This is combined with the lowest number of properties available for rent on record. Rents in south Co Dublin have surpassed those in parts of London, with the average monthly rent there now standing at €1,868.

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