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Free sex chat like literotica

I came off the trail, stepping past the bushes protecting the entry to the nook and got a slight surprise. Now I was rubbing her in a very interesting place and her eyes were wide and she looked quite shocked. I'm just getting you accustomed to a little touching, showing that it doesn't hurt and is really quite pleasant.Mind you, it was nothing to the surprise that the naked young lady standing there got. I was warning you I'm willing to fight you." "Well, I'm not particularly interested in fighting you, although I suppose it could be interesting, especially when you're dressed like that. "Now you can't say that this is just different," I pointed out. No." "Let's find out," I suggested, releasing her for a moment to drop my shorts. "Why don't you just take a moment to feel what a man feels like? Besides, as long as you're holding my cock I can't do much with it." I continued to pet her, stroking breasts and pussy impartially but lovingly, feeling her body respond.Too lazy to climb and once you're up there there's nothing to do. I went hiking up the hill to my little nook one day after lunch. "You shouldn't be touching me at all," she pointed out, dodging the question. " I asked, letting my hands slide forward and around to her front.I thought I'd just lie back, read a book, enjoy the sun, and possibly watch the yachts sail by. I'm not going to just stand there and let you rape me." "Not standing, you won't. "Excuse me," I murmured, one hand pushing aside the hand that she had protecting her pussy, replacing it with my free hand.I'm a bit of an introvert and a lot of company can get tiresome fast. Such delightful beauty is a rare thing in this world of ours." We stood and looked at each other for a moment. "Um, what does the fact that you look fantastic nude have to do with you assuming that I'm going to rape you? "Understandable." "I am old enough and I agree with her," came the snarky reply. "Still a virgin," I said, smiling and nodding, and getting an even colder look for my efforts. We'll conduct a little experiment and see what you decide. "So we've established that having your breasts stroked doesn't hurt and may even feel nice," I observed.

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If I'd been given a chance I might even have done that (after giving her a fast once over). I dragged it back and forth a few times, letting her feel it brushing against her slit, getting accustomed to its presence. Now that we've gone this far we might as well continue," I pointed out, giving one last little push and finding myself nicely home, my groin pressed firmly against hers. You said you weren't going to rape me and now look what you're doing." "Yes, but this wasn't my fault. It was entirely an accident on my part and you didn't help by pushing yourself onto me like that." "I did not push myself onto you. I thrust into her, taking my time and going deep with each push, finding her pushing up to meet me with no troubles.