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I like because it values disorder and chaos, and confirms that when you deviate from routine and organisation, that’s often when magic happens.(I always suspected tidiness was overrated, and now I have some evidence. With my first baby, I stayed home til I couldn’t talk through my contractions, cos being in bed at home is far nicer for early labour than a hospital room, but I’d heard second babies can bloody ZING out, and I didn’t want to risk a rapid ramp-up and the potential of a backseat-of-the-car-delivery. They are the most firm and the most flattering of the bunch I reckon. And I mean that: my baby is ‘doing her nights’ as they say, and since she’s 12 weeks old now she’s way more predictable. She smiles and coos and looks up at me with her big ol blueys, and I just kind of stare at her all day through the emotional version of a Snapchat love-heart filter. Depending on our age or life stage, your Euro holidays will vary tremendously.Soz, Kondo.) (Still love you babe.) Playfulness, gentle chaos, boundary-pushing, intuition and fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pantsness has been core to my work ethic and, well, success, probably, so I’m a big advocate for Tim’s line of thought. I also wear Blanqi nursing support leggings, (though they’re not quite as firm as I like and also Hello Monday (these are shinier, straight up activewear). But oh, there were some dark days around week six and seven, though. So, there is an elegant shirtdress, and skirt, a checked trench (with a hood, because coats with hoods are always better), classic high-waisted cropped jeans, and V-neck cashmere sweater (a Wardrobe Staple) and a few ladylike blouses for fancy-casual dressing. But they’re all significant, whether they’re building resilience, or inspiring us creatively, or just giving us some unrivalled memories.My husband knows I love these, and found this book for me. KWEEN.) My favourite (and everyone else’s) is of course David Foster Wallace’s ‘This Is Water’ speech. For those who haven’t heard of The Moth, it’s a cool bar in Melbourne where everyone just hangs around a giant light. No, The Moth is actually a NFP storytelling collective based in NYC.

(Ray is a spectacularly successful hedge fund manager and investor, and also a philanthropist, so there’s a fair whack of shares/stocks blah blah blah stuff.) But Ray’s thoughts on principles, (personal/life principles and also professional principles), has been a bit of a circuit breaker for me.

I have spent (too) many hours on You Tube watching first-class commencement speeches from brilliant, funny, wise people when I should be working, but I make no apology for this.

You don’t need to be graduating to be able to extract beautiful life advice from the accomplished, witty rascals hand-picked to give commencement speeches to the people who will run the world one day.

Parenting is, without a lick of competition, the hardest thing I’ve ever done, and the hardest job there is. Being hormonally, physically, and emotionally depleted…. (Tip: when your parents ask what they can give you for your new baby, ask for a night nurse voucher. I think the Mammojo breastfeeding hoodie is very clever, and not just cos I am a devout grey hoodie fan. About wearing things I like, and which delight me, and which look good, and will last. The kind of stuff you might wear on your birthday, to mirror your feelings of joy and elation. Which is why, as a mother of a newborn, I have worn my red cockatoo jumper three days in a row, because bright red makes me feel ZINGY AND ALIVE, even though inside I am a lactating zombie running on toast and cold coffee.) Anyway. (It was more a bunch of Pinterest boards and emails and meetings, but you get the gist.) Anyway. The quality is high, as it always is with Skin and Threads, and the vibes are GOOD. When you’re 18 and fresh out of high school, a party trip through Europe is a fantastic idea.

They were the toughest few weeks of my life, I reckon. Cos when mum gets sleep, the whole family benefits.) To have a baby who is thriving, and in good health. I send them love, strength, good coffee, and this link. The invisible zips mean you can feed anywhere without a whole luscious boobo on show, and the hoodie recognises that baby-mums are 90% likely to be living in activewear. Thought I needed to be turbo on-trend, to the detriment of my bank account, figure, and sense of worth. The key, of course, is knowing what you like, and wearing it with confidence. Wear some goddamn lederhosen if it makes you happy. Oh, I still love a chain store purchase here and there, H&M, COS and Zara do some great stuff, but buying a good coat, sweaters, jeans, tees, shoes and bags – a uniform of sort – pays off. It was with all that in mind that I collaborated with Skin and Threads on a little capsule collection, which is now on sale! .” – Penelope, now in a leather jacket, fedora and smoking a cigar. Unlike my business, Go-To, where I think up the product, test it a million times, get samples, packaging, consider all the logistics etc etc, Skin and Threads took care of aaaaall that, and I basically sat on a banana chair with a Pina Colada barking orders: PUT THE LOBSTER ! After all, it’s perfectly legal to have fun getting dressed! (Do NOT tell my children this, please.) Mostly because organised tours, backpacking, compulsory socialising with strangers, and being broke doesn’t yet faze you.

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This book is a classic dip-in book: just choose a ‘world-class performer’ as Tim calls them, at random, and learn from them.

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